Carolyn Bartlett, LCSW

Psychotherapy, Consultation & Training

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My clinical expertise includes psychodynamic and family systems perspectives, as well as a working knowledge of eclectic therapy models. I am especially interested in the common boundary between traditional and transpersonal psychology models. Contact me to set up an appointment or discuss your needs.

Enneagram-Informed Therapy

The Enneagram provides a map for insight and change. It is a transpersonal model of human development, character styles and potential. Despite deceptively easy typing, this personality system is layered, complex and very much lends itself to “deep integrative work”. This is why I use it in my practice. Contact me if you would like to explore how the Enneagram might help you in your therapy.

“Carolyn introduced me to the Enneagram over 30 years ago as part of our therapy process. Working in the mental health field myself, I felt ‘the lightbulb come on’ as I began to understand my relationships and my behavior in the context of my e-type. I feel I have a deep understanding of how to conduct myself in the world as a result and have been much more effective in my personal and professional lives. Am deeply grateful.”  – Margaret, former client

Enneagram for Therapists

To answer a colleague’s question: “…but how can you use it in therapy?” I wrote “The Enneagram Field Guide”, published in 2005. It still sells around the world and I hear from people who are looking for therapists who know how to wisely apply the Enneagram. I provide workshops to teach the Enneagram for therapists and counselors. These workshops are interesting and fun while we all learn a lot.


Private consultation for Psychotherapists who are working with the Enneagram is also a service I offer. The best therapists know they need a safe place to talk about where they get caught and how to get free. I specialize in working with other psychotherapists to help them enjoy their work more as they use their own transference/countertransference issues for personal growth and better practice outcomes. If you are a psychotherapist who knows the Enneagram and are considering one-to-one consultation, feel free to contact me.

Consultation groups: The Enneagram provides a working lens, and helpful treatment approaches are in the discussion. As a group deepens in safety, it opens the space to talk about how one gets caught in transference and countertransference. Gaining insights from trusted others helps untangle the dynamics. We help our clients as we get out of our own way, and we heal the bits of our personal history as we do the consultation work. Ideally, groups have representatives of different Enneagram types, who can offer invaluable perspectives. Groups are also more economical. Prerequisites are clinical experience and a working knowledge of the Enneagram.

Family Systems

None of us are as independent as we might believe. We are all members of families and we carry these families in interesting ways. My working view of families was initially grounded in the teaching of Murray Bowens Family Systems model. Closely related, I am Internal Family Systems informed. In different ways, making use of these models gives me useful working perspectives. Understanding and compassion lead to skillful healing strategies.

Money Psychology

Money seems to unconsciously represent so many things it is not: power, success, failure, freedom, intelligence, worthiness, and even love. When this confusion is acted out in relationships it can become a source of conflict and sometimes multi-generational power struggles. The good news is anything that causes this much trouble contains strong medicine, and money is no exception. My Money Psychology workshops help people learn where their money habits originate. Participants find surprising connections and a chance to separate their actual money choices from their old beliefs, emotional learnings, and sticky habitual patterns. If you are a member of a group and would like to talk about how this might help, call me!