Enneagram Field Guide

The Therapists Companion: The Enneagram Field Guide is a great reference for therapists, counselors, and anyone who wants quick help understanding the Enneagram or themselves. Based on years of clinical experience and field interviews by therapist Carolyn Bartlett, the book presents reports from therapy clients and individuals, all of whom know their Enneagram style. As they describe their experiences with therapy and counseling, they reveal what has helped them successfully grow and change as well as what has not worked for their personality style.

Therapists and counselors will find clear guidance about how to create meaningful change in their clients. Spiritual directors will discover stories that illuminate the Enneagram’s transpersonal meaning, plus ways to evoke the essential spiritual qualities of each style. Enneagram enthusiasts, who already know the power of this profound system, will find inspiration and insights from fellow travelers pointing you towards fulfilling your own true potential.

The Enneagram Field Guide represents a breakthrough effort to bring the Enneagram understandings into counseling and therapy. Carolyn provides many insights in what does work, synthesizes, and systematically reviews therapy strategy with each of the Enneagram types. She provides clarity, compassion and thoughtfulness in her writing. All of us in the fields of counseling, ranging from executive coaching to spiritual direction, will find this guide of great and enduring benefit. It is a pleasure to recommend it.

David Daniels, M.D., Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford Medical School

Practical, smart and clinically astute. An invaluable handbook for therapists and counselors who want to use the Enneagram with their clients.

Michael Goldberg, organizational consultant, author, The 9 Ways of Working

A must-read for therapists and counselors, Carolyn Bartlett s superb Enneagram Field Guide is also illuminating for anyone seeking personal growth or insights into the complexities of the Enneagram’s personality styles.

Judith Searle, author of The Literary Enneagram