What People Are Saying About The Enneagram Field Guide

What people are saying about the Enneagram Field Guide:

“These chapters offer excellent advice and delicious examples of appropriate psycho-therapy for the nine types. This level of work is most helpful for spiritual practice. Those of us pursuing spiritual truth and freedom, whatever our path or tradition, can easily be distracted by the insistent demands, hurts, needs, and projections of ego. When enough of these are relaxed and ameliorated, we more easily see that which is beyond ‘me’ and ‘mine.'”
-Ven. Santikaro Bhikkhu, Buddhist Monk
“The line between spirituality and therapy blur at a certain depth. Carolyn Bartlett reaches that depth as she uses the Enneagram and draws on her years of experience. She reveals the struggle of each Enneagram style and, most importantly, how each style grows within it. She is realistic about the intensity of the struggle, but I find a lot of hope in her work.”
-Richard Rohr, author of Discovering the Enneagram, Experiencing the Enneagram
“A must-read for therapists and counselors, Carolyn Bartlett’s superb Enneagram Field Guide is also illuminating for anyone seeking personal growth or insights into the complexities of the nine personality styles.”
-Judith Searle, author of The Literary Enneagram
“The Enneagram Field Guide is compelling and comprehensive. It builds an important bridge between the Enneagram and mainstream psychology. Carolyn Bartlett offers valuable insights about personality type from the therapy client’s perspective, gleaned from interviews and years of therapeutic experience. This book is for anyone interested in personal growth, as well as for therapists who want to better understand the inner world of their clients.”
-Andrea Isaacs – Co-founder and editor, Enneagram Monthly; creator of EnneaMotion and Physical Intelligence Trainings
“The Enneagram is most effective when it is grounded in disciplined observation, the kind that trained therapists do well. Carolyn Bartlett is such a therapist and this book bristles with specific, in-depth examples of how Enneagram styles play out in the flesh. Bartlett takes the painful revelations of real people in therapy and illustrates how they can be helped by therapists who understand the Enneagram. Realist that she is, she also tells us what will not work. If you are a therapist or serious student of the Enneagram, here is much gold to mine.”
-Clarence Thomson, Author of Parables and the Enneagram; editor, Enneagram Applications, The Electric Enneagram
“Carolyn Bartlett has provided us with a very thorough and easy to read resource guide for understanding the nine Enneagram types in a new and refreshing way. I use the Enneagram in my consulting practice and, while I am not a therapist, I still found the information invaluable in understanding what makes my clients tick and why. The information is presented in a way that allows me to understand each Enneagram style at a deeper level and has helped me to better work with my clients. The usual result is they become better managers, leaders and human beings. Carolyn’s contribution is invaluable”
-Dennis Tallon, management consultant and OD practitioner, Quantum Consultants, Denver, Colorado
“Carolyn Bartlett’s knowledge of the Enneagram offers therapists a short-cut in getting to know their clients. Learn how the nine types present themselves differently in therapy, what usually brings each type in, and what approach works best. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the Enneagram from this different and refreshing point of view.”
-Elizabeth Wagele, author of The Enneagram Made Easy, Are You My Type, Am I Yours, The Enneagram of Parenting, and the Beethoven Enneagram
“Practical, smart and clinically astute. An invaluable handbook for therapists and counselors who want to use the Enneagram with their clients.”
Michael Goldberg, organizational consultant; author, The 9 Ways of Working
“The Enneagram Field Guide is the definitive guide for therapists who want an in-depth understanding of their clients. With wisdom and compassion, it clearly illuminates the path of growth for all nine types including insightful suggestions for therapy.”
Julie Foster, MA, Psychotherapist and Enneagram Teacher
“Many clients have come to me reporting that they’ve been to therapists who were supportive and competent, but ‘nothing changed,’ whereas after a few of our coaching sessions they have begun to experience the kind of breakthroughs they’d been looking for. Am I better than a good therapist? No. Do I have a magic wand? Yes. It’s the Enneagram, and my therapist colleagues who are Enneagram-knowledgeable report the same positive results I find in coaching. Carolyn Bartlett draws from her counseling background and from interviews with people of all nine styles to show brilliantly and clearly how therapists who know the Enneagram can enhance their diagnostic acuity, develop the best treatment plans, and use the skills they already have to their best advantage”
Mary Bast, co-author, Out of the Box: Coaching with the Enneagram.
“The Enneagram Field Guide represents a breakthrough effort to bring the Enneagram understandings into counseling and therapy. Carolyn provides many insights in what does work and what does not work with each of the types. This pioneering work synthesizes and systematically reviews therapy strategy with each of the Enneagram types. She provides clarity, compassion and thoughtfulness in her writing. All of us in the fields of counseling, ranging from executive coaching to spiritual direction, will find this guide of great and enduring benefit. It is a pleasure to recommend it.”
David Daniels, M.D., Clinical professor Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Stanford Medical School